Helping individuals create the clarity needed to discover their strengths and identity, to make an impact and income in their life and career.

“It's always been inside of you - And now it's time to let it through!”


Career Coach

Hi, I am Marisol.

I help people get unstuck and tap into their potential, so they can build a life that is empowering and authentic to who they are. 

I am a human who values: Authenticity, Connection, Compassion, Openness, Integrity, Truth

But… a few years ago, I was a very different Marisol, I was lost, stuck, and didn’t know where to go. This led me to be pretty angry at the world because I didn’t know what to do with my life and no one was giving me the answers.

The reason no one was giving me the answers was because only I had the answers.

The answers I was looking for were inside of me.

Once I chose to start cultivating this mindset – life started aligning and falling into place for me. I have consciously chosen to create a life that is authentic and aligned with who I am! A life that is empowering and liberating.

And that is the power of planting the seed, eventually, it grows into something beautiful.

You plant the seeds in your mind of how you want to be, so what seeds have you planted?

I coach on mindset because external change is a result of internal change. When you change your mind you change your life.

How supportive is the mindset you have right now to the life you want to live?

I am passionate about helping people, like you! To cultivate a mindset that supports you in finding the clarity to make decisions and grow! So you can tap into the answers you have been searching for and live the amazing and authentic life that belongs to you. 

I have seven years of experience working in Technology, within corporations, and start-ups. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Communications with a Minor in Business from Arizona State University. I am a certified Yoga teacher and certified in Core Energy Coaching from iPEC. 

In my free time, you will find me walking on the beach at sunset, listening to some groovy tunes, and writing some poetry. 


Client Reviews

"My personal development at the beginning was kind of like trying to start a business but not knowing how. I knew I wanted to grow as a person and learn what I would want to do for the next couple of years but didn’t have the guidance to get there. I’ve thought about it often and wrote it down but taking action to achieve the growth or making decisions was the difficult part for me. Marisol helped give me a different perspective about my life and asked hard questions to consider on why I was being held back to take action. She helped me gain clarity on my career path, what action steps to take and how to go about making my mindset/set love a priority through it all, which was one of my goals in my very first session. Marisol is very personable and has a positive attitude on whatever you like to talk about. I like having her as an outside perspective and getting her opinion on different topics I care about and how to cope with different issues I am dealing with when it comes to my career or even sometimes my anxiety. She always manages to stay calm, talk it out and helps create a plan then will continue to reassure me through the process of it all. It is worth the investment. It’s an investment to yourself that I think a lot more people should make and working Marisol has helped me look at life, my career, and even myself in a much more hopeful and positive outlook."
-Meredith O

"I was feeling very stuck in terms of my career, where I wanted to be and who I wanted to become. I definitely gained some more clarity around what my next steps are. It's great to have a more clear path moving forward. Marisol is very personable and she helped me sift through all the overthinking and self doubt and guided me to making some clear changes in my life that can lead me in the right direction towards my dreams."
-Victoria S

"I am a very indecisive and make most of my decisions based off my emotions. After sessions with Marisol, I was able to have more structural thinking and make analytical and logical decisions on topics that I dreaded before. I enjoyed her "call to action" style, we would define the issue and tackle it. If you are wishy washy and not looking to make changes, or strive to learn new tactics than Marisol is not for you."
-Tam T

"Marisol was attentive, intentional, passionate and helped guide me in areas of personal reflection- and for that I am beyond grateful. If you’ve never invested in a coach, or are still considering working with marisol, don’t wait! She is a beautiful human who wants to help guide you to yourself!"
-Anissa W


Numerology Reading

A session to uncover your life path number, to help you discover more about yourself, your life lessons, and the way you are meant to express your authentic self.
(1-1.5 hr reading)

Individual and Group Coaching

I help individuals who are stuck on their next career step, get clear on what they want, to transition to their desired career.

Corporations and Organizations

I help companies and organizations facilitate professional and personal development programs for employees.

Together we take inventory of where you are now, where you want to be,

and how to get to the destination that feels authentic and aligned to you.

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call

A 30-minute conversation to gain clarity on where you are and
discussing how working together can support you in achieving your goals.

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