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It’s been a bit since I have written and that’s because I have been feeling a bit down! My life seems to have taken me on the corkscrew portion of a rollercoaster, and I am working with recovering from the whiplash. I want to share a bit about my experience with being sad. 

As a child, I lost my mother at a really young age – not really realizing the severity of that experience as I was a child, I just went on as normal. When I reflect back on childhood, I remember there were periods of time where I didn’t want to do anything. One vivid experience I remember is when I was 10 years old, I stayed home from school for one week, and layed on my couch all day watching TV, only getting up for a snack or to shower. I remember feeling like that’s all I was capable of doing. As an adult, looking back on that experience I realize I was depressed. I was a little girl who was grieving and had no idea how to process those intense emotions, so physically I resorted to doing nothing. 

Move forward to now, present day. I notice I still have some of the same tendencies, I push through feeling sad, upset, or angry. Then it hits me like a truck! Once it comes time to wake up, I find myself incapable of it. I just want to stay in my bed and continue sleeping, since that’s easier than being awake and actually processing the emotions that are making me sad, right? While there is nothing wrong with me staying in bed and essentially physically experiencing my emotions, I know that it doesn’t help me to move through them. 

In my experience, I have to be present with my emotions in order to move through them. I have to acknowledge, feel, and release whatever emotion I am experiencing. It is being present with myself and my true state that I am able to recognize and move forward. A good friend once told me emotions are like ocean waves, the waves slowly starts to build, reaches it’s peak, and crashes on the shore. We have to ride our emotions, and how do we do that? By being present with them. 

It’s easier said than done, but the next time you are feeling a more uncomfortable emotion, I encourage you to sit with that feeling, acknowledge what it is that is making you feel that way. Step into witnessing the emotion, allow it to go through it’s path, and have faith knowing eventually that path will end. 

Food for thought – emotions are neither good nor bad, they simply are our psychological responses to life events.



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